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Plush Ring Paper Squeak Toy for Small Dogs

Brown Rabbit
Leopard Rabbit
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Cute & vivid animal design satisfies pet's natural hunting instinct. occupied to prevent from damaging furniture. It is great to help its teeth and gums to grow healthily.
It will bounce high. suitable to play within the yard. home. park. or shore. It also does inspire pets hunting instinct to insanely chasing this ball. so can better training pet agility.
These puppies chew toys set are made of premium cotton fabric. which is natural. healthy. and safe for your pets. They are washable and easy to use.
You can play interactive games like tug of war with your pet or let them have some relaxed time themselves. These toys help to enhance your relationship with your dogs. They help to keep your pet healthy and meanwhile avoid weight issues.

Material: Fleece
Sizes: 17cm to 25cm
Suit: Puppy. Chihuahua. Yorkshire Terrier.