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Cloth Elastic Band Team Battle Outdoor Game

1.8 meters 2 people
2 meters 3 people
2.4 meters 4 people
3 meters 5 people
3.6 meters 6 people
4 meters 8 people
4.8 meters 10 people
6 meters 12 people
8 meters 16 people
10 meters 20 people
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Build confidence and group cooperation with this Cloth Elastic Band Team Battle Outdoor Game. while developing body movement and balance. Ideal for movement tasks that include elements of space. locomotion. shape. and manipulation. Excellent for use in outdoor games. parties. or even just family games!
Material: Cloth. Rubber Tube
Certification: 3C
Gender: Unisex
Sports: Outdoor Team Battle Game
Age Range: > 5 years old
Function: Grasping/Movement Ability Developing
Fit for: Group Activities